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Supporting Community Integration in Nevada

Join AFRICOMUSA in our effort to support refugees through community integration in Nevada. Through the generous support of our members, we are working to build partnerships with a broad array of academic and civil organizations that empower those seeking a new home and greater opportunity.

The world is filled with asymmetrical challenges to be overcome, and people can only make good policy with a broad understanding of where we will be in five years. However, partnerships based on mutual respect, a full acknowledgment of the other’s contributions, and shared ownership of data can produce the type of results that benefit everyone involved. Through your support, we can build those relationships and start living in a better world.

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Your support is a vital part of streamlining the process of becoming a citizen and finding a profession that allows refugees to survive and thrive. With increased job opportunities and a better understanding of domestic laws and regulations, asylum seekers can become productive and thriving members of our communities.

Supporting Those Yearning to Be Free

As an emerging organization, your support is critical to achieving our goals. All of your contributions will be acknowledged, and we’re grateful for any direct or in-kind donation you can offer. Please let us know if your gift can be used for general purposes or if you have a specific resource you wish to support directly.

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