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Informative ESL Classes in Nevada

Take a lead role in ensuring refugees and asylum seekers from faraway lands have the opportunities and resources they need, including ESL classes in Nevada. AFRICOMUSA is funding efforts to empower refugees in their efforts to become a part of our community. With better language skills, employment opportunities, and a broader understanding of our regulations, our friends can become productive members of the state we love.

Improving Opportunities for Everyone

Everyone benefits when those seeking refuge from Africa and beyond have access to the resources they need to integrate into our society. We fund those essential services, and we help these individuals and families navigate the process of becoming a citizen legally.

Getting a job requires a reliable means of transportation, so our clients must have an opportunity to learn the rules of the road. We help them through the process of driving instruction classes and getting a license at the DMV. Once they are equipped with these basic skills, we make a career connection.

Following the Law

Paying taxes and preparing for the citizenship test can quickly become overwhelming, so we offer services designed to help refugees with income tax preparation. Rest assured, your donations will fund programs for legal assistance and green card interview preparation.

When you are ready to make a donation, reach out to our organization through this website or by US Postal Mail. We also want to help anyone you know that is a recent refugee. Just reach out to us by phone or write to us at:

2330 Paseo Del Prado
Las Vegas, NV, 89102

Due to Covid by Appointment Only!